Monday, April 14, 2014

Setting up web to lead forms

Salesforce Web To Lead forms are a great way to place forms on your site and have them collect leads with no code.  Here are the steps involved on setting one up:
  • First thing you will need to test it out is Sign up for a Developer Account
  • After that you will need to set up your web to leads form on SalesForce
  • Next you need to paste the form code supplied by salesforce.  You cannot simply paste this in a page but must follow the instructions in code provided.
    • You will notice at the top it mentions a meta tag.  You need to place this in the head tag of your page.
    • Next you will notice a form post tag.  This can cause havoc especially if using ASP.NET as there will already be a form tag in your master page.  I created a seperate master page, removed the ASP.NET form and replaced it with the Salesforce one.

      NOTE: This means you cannot put any .NET controls on this page.  If you do need .NET controls you will have to wrap it in the .NET Form that is runat="server"  You will need to make sure you strategically place your .NET controls such you can wrap by the .NET Form around them but NOT around the salesforce form post.
  • Make sure you create the thankyou page you referred to when setting up the SalesForce form.
Voila, this should work if you have followed the instructions and ensured the SalesForce Form is not inside the .NET RunAt="server" form.

NOTE: If you are working with Sharepoint you will need to follow special steps to add this form. Check out this article on Adding forms to Sharepoint

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