Thursday, April 9, 2015

Contact Roles is not showing up on my Account Details page

Thanks Scott Jorgensen for the advice on Contact Roles :)

Contact Roles are very useful in a number of situations:

  1. You want to track companies a person used to work for. That way if you are looking for a contact at a company and cannot find them. You may be able to contact someone who used to work there and get a contact that way maybe even an introduction.
  2. You have people who work for a given company but sit on the a board or counsel or some other relationship.
  3. They could be a member of organizations like ToastMasters, or other organizations.
They are available out-of-the-box however are not displayed on the accounts page by default.  To add them to the accounts page you must do the following:  
  1. Log in as someone with access to edit the Account Layout.
  2. Navigate to an account details page.
  3. Click on Related Lists

  4. Drag and drop Contact Roles onto your layout

  5. Click Save

Now on your account details page you can add Contact Roles to your contacts.  If you need additional Contact Roles you can add them you by doing the following:

  1. Click Setup at the top right
  2. On the left column click on Customize -> Accounts -> Contact Roles

  3. Add your roles here.

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